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Max number of Iterations
Probability of mutation (between 0 and 1)
Population size

Genetic Maze Maker v.0.1
This script looks for a maze with the longest path. There are better ways to do this, but it is unique in that it uses a technique called Simulated Annealing.
I think it is cool because it seems very similar to the evolution of living things. The maze could be thought of as DNA. And, the path from start to finish could be thought of as the fitness of that particular organism. If it can not find the finish it dies. Only the organisms that have high fitness reproduce(the top 3).
Plus it makes really cool designs if you let it go for a while.

Compatable browsers
Google Chrome (fastest)
FireFox version 3.0 (fast-ish)
Internet Explorer (uughh soooo sloooow)

Possible Improvements:
1.the image is drawn in the upper left hand side of the screen instead of on the Canvas
2. It is slow with every browser but google chrome.
3. the mutation() code could be more efficiant.
4. whatever else you find.
5. *done*make the probability of a mutation part of the genetic code and mutatable. suuprisingly i don't think that it helps much.

by: Cody Smith
this uses a library called wz_jsgraphics.js

email: m0ose2 at yahoo dot com